The release liner Algro Sol from Sappi are Clay Coated Kraft (CCK) papers. These silicone base papers are available in various grammages (70 g/m² 180 g/m²) und different shades. The different grades with their special functions are developed for various applications. The Algro Sol papers will be produced on paper machines with a „Yankee“-cylinder. Special pulp and coating recipes give these papers a unique character and ensure that Algro Sol papers meet or exceed expectations.

Brand Characteristics Applications Grammages (g/m²)**
Algro Sol DN one side double coated CCK* paper with reverse side functional coating Graphic arts and composites (pre-preg) 90, 120, 135
Algro Sol DNN as Algro Sol DN with yellow shade as Algro Sol DN 120, 125, 135
Algro Sol 81 NC one side coated CCK* paper Office material 80, 85, 90, 98
Algro Sol PC one side coated CCK* paper with excellent PE anchorage on reverse side and high ply bond strength Graphic arts 120, 135
Algro Sol PCC one side coated CCK* paper used as carrier for self adhesive labels and stickers Graphic arts (protection films) 90
Algro Sol SNC one side coated CCK* paper, high ply bond strength, outstanding thickness Graphic arts and office material 80, 82, 85, 90, 98, 120, 135
* CCK = Clay Coated Kraft
** other grammages on request